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Do you have a custom wood project in mind that you just can’t find anywhere else? That’s what Evari Woodwork Designs is all about. I will meet with you and take the time to discuss your project, make recommendations, put together some design ideas and provide a few different price points and options. I work with you the customer to find exactly what you are looking for and then make it a reality. No matter how wild or crazy an idea may be, I am always up for a new challenge! Please contact me at or use the contact form. 

Image to the right is a custom chicken coop and run or “Chicken Villa” I like to Call it. Featuring a green roof, dormer with shutters, hanging planter boxes and a fully functional round hobbit door. This was a collaborative design and custom build for the Providence Water Fire Arts Center Outdoor Living show. See more pictures of this custom build on my Instagram page.

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  • Cutting Board - Black Walnut, Maple & Bolivian Coffeewood (Medium)
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  • Cutting Board - Maple, Black Walnut & Bolivian Coffeewood (Medium)
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  • Cutting Board - Cherry, Black Walnut, Maple & Padauk (Medium)
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At Evari Woodwork Designs, we use only select domestic and exotic solid woods. Each product shown is the actual "natural" color of that particular wood species. We do not use stains or dyes as we believe the natural color & grain is what makes each and every piece of wood unique. Due to the inherent nature of wood, each product will have slight variations in color and grain than shown in pictures.

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Custom Orders Available

Looking for a custom cutting board like this one? 

Please reach out using the “Contact Us” page. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll work together to make a custom cutting board that’s right for you!

Now carrying Walrus Oil cutting board oil!

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Custom Builds!

Looking for custom built outdoor furniture, raised planter boxes, chicken coops, benches, pergolas, live edge bar tops, etc.? Do you have an idea for a custom woodworking project that you need built? If so, I can help. Please email me at I would be happy to discuss your project and provide you with a quote.


We take pride in branding our logo into each finished product

Attention to Detail

Even our product tags are custom made from solid maple wood and branded with our logo

Hand Crafted

Each piece of work is hand made with pride

Exotic Woods

We strive to incorporate beautiful exotic woods into all of our product lines