Rustic Modern Sofa Table

This sofa table is a combination of old and new. The top is cut from a large 13’ reclaimed hemlock timber that was once part of an old structure. I selected part of the Timber that still had the wooded dowels intact which showcases where this timber would have been connected to the rest of the structure. They were loose and needed a little work, so I removed them, cleaned them up a bit and reset them. The base is made from two pieces of solid 1/2” steel which was cut into a specific arch shape by a local steel shop. The base is made up of eight individual pieces of steel that was welded up in my shop and then sent out for a flat black powder coating. Finally, the top is finished with a coat of Odies oil which brought out the natural character and beauty of this reclaimed timer. The customer requested a Rustic Modern sofa table and I think this piece hit the mark!

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