Rustic Quarter Sawn Oak Bench

On this project I wanted to do something rustic that looked like it has been around for years. This solid 3” thick quarter sawn live edge oak bench was first planed down nice and flat. The large check on the top was stabilized with (15) old rusted square cut nails set in epoxy. Each nail slot was scribed and hand chiseled out. Then it was on to distressing, which was done with chains, nails, screws, Alan keys, as well as any other hardware I could get my hands on. All smashed into the top surface with a 3lb hammer. The legs were cut and welded from 1/4” x 4” steel plate. This took some time getting the angles just right, welded and ground smooth. Then a mixture of vinegar and salt sprayed and left overnight put a nice coat of rust on the metal. The bottom was routed out a 1/4” deep so the legs could be recessed flush. (4) holes were drilled in each leg and 1/4x20 wood inserts were installed on the underside so the legs can be removed if needed. A good sanding, cleaning out of the check and a coat of Odies Oil followed by a coat of Odies Wax wrapped things up! Check out more pics on my Instagram page.

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