Custom Chicken Coop

Here it is! The custom Chicken Coop or Chicken “Villa” I like to call it. It has been under wraps for the last couple weeks until it was revealed at this weekends New England Outdoor Living and Garden Show which was held at the WaterFire Art Center in Providence, RI. 

This project was a collaboration with Terra Vita Native Design and Stonework out of Westport, MA who came to me looking for a Chicken Coop for the garden show. It started off with a pretty simple design. Once we got together and started bouncing ideas off of each other it took on a whole other life and continued to evolve throughout the build. We wanted this build to be not only a show piece but functional. It features a a fully functional hobbit door which was cut out of 1/8” steel on a CNC machine and installed with some heavy duty rustic hardware. There are 4 windows throughout with roosts in front of each as chickens love to sit in front of windows. The shed dormer window was left open so they can enjoy the spring, summer and fall months, with shutters that close for the winter. There is a second door which serves primarily as a clean out door and provides easy access to the nesting boxes just inside. I utilized ball catches on this door so there is no exterior latch and provides a pretty clean look. There are also removable planter boxes on the Coop as well as the chicken run. Planters can be removed to do your plantings on a workbench or your favorite place to plant and then be hung back on the bracket system.  Last but not least the Coop and chicken run features a living roof! This is a great place to plant your edibles and your favorite cooking herbs.

The Chicken Villa is for sale. If you are interested, please reach out to me through my contact page on the website, facebook messenger or email me at 




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